ComfortableContacts boasts a powerful Employee set up option.
The software allows you to configure 'Employees' and 'Employee Types'.

Employee Types:
In this section you can define all the different types of employee that work for your company, e.g.
Admin, Sales Representatives, Installers, Surveyors, Directors, Managers, and more...
You can also define questions that are relevant to each employee type, e.g.
Address/contact information, areas covered, pay scale, working hours and more...

In this section you can add your employees to the system. Each employee can have information stored against them (using the questions defined in the 'Employee Types' section).
Each employee's record can also contain notes that are specific to them.
Employees can be pulled through on events and sales leads using the database list feature of the software, e.g. if you add a new lead to the system and wish to assign an employee to it, you can do so by choosing an employee from a simple dropdown menu.

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