Tony Hobson writes...

Dear Reader,

When asked to give my views on the v3-v4 Advanced Computer Software, i did so without any hesitation .
2 years ago Comfortable was to me unknown, as some what too where my earnings. The PVC market is as unpredictable as every selling opportunity, v3 creates a clear real time portable presentation, eliminating the hard sell techniques allowing to concentrate on what the customer wants designed and most of all as proud home owners what is his investment going to look like ?

Some 18 months of increased sales and customer recommendations looking to visually have their dreams created in front of them gave me a clear forward goal to progress from v3 and upgrade to v4 Digital Conservatories CD. No sooner had i purchased the Software upgrade had i re couped the financial outlay. Selling has never really changed, but times have and are doing so faster than ever before.

Presentation, Performance, Profit. Now having worked v3-v4 in the field i have not only become more professional and self reliant as a self employed freelance salesman, my family and self life style have had the confidence to move forward staying one step ahead of my colleagues and more so competitors.

Like everything in life realization can be a real wake up call if you get it wrong. Time is money, money is a means of realization in todays world - without it we can not and will not move on.

Often we forget those who have created the opportunity to which we all strife for in life, health coming from less stress, wealth coming from success and happiness been created from both of these. Comfortable have not only engineered this most usable but self presenting soft ware but have cultivated a first class relation with its clients on a one to one level which has for me, and i have no doubts others too, a supportive and friend professional approach to earning.

As time goes on technology paves the way forward, the building blocks ie v3-v4 allow a gentle progression but still allowing you to be in a class of your own from presentation to confirmation of sale, LEARN TO EARN. Comfortable have looked at this progression sympathetically to its army of users in so much that the globe of this software is continuously upgradeable allowing each individual to upgrade accordingly as and when having learnt more to earn more to financially invest more.... the term staying one step in front comes to mind and also the bank managers too.

The dawn awakening has had its misty fields parted, and from the abyss of Comfortable Software comes THE ONE OFF DESIGNER, the mother of all conservatory design software! YES THIS TOO IS A BOLT ON UP GRADE ? MR.H YES PLEASE ! I can't wait!

I personally congratulate's team of technicians and colleagues.
DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT, ....failing to plan is planning to fail!

The future is clear ......

Tony Hobson.