Enjoys an Upsurge in Overseas Sales recently enjoyed an upsurge in overseas sales after exhibiting at the Win·door show in Toronto Canada last month.

Adrian Birch the Operations Manager for says ‘I was overwhelmed by the interest shown in our window and conservatory products and the overall friendliness of the exhibitors and visitors at the show. This show truly brought home to me how keen foreign markets are for new software solutions, and the extent to which a lot of overseas businesses really need a software solution as they haven’t got one, or need one to replace outdated and non-updated options that do not suit their true requirements, especially for sales.

‘Most attendees who visited our booth have never seen anything quite like our ComfortableConservatories Photo-sales software and were astonished at what could be shown to their customers before they buy and how professional they could look using the numerous quality reports on offer!’ has just completed radical changes to its product range to cater for global markets especially for those in the North American market.

The website has been completely redesigned with a fresh new look, more information on the company’s products and services, which include 14 day free trials and the ability to buy the software online, with the bonus of being able to be up and running within minutes after downloading the software.

Adrian says ‘although our core business is within the window industry, as we expand we are also eager to bring new products to new audiences and indeed have a few in the pipeline already nearing completion (watch this space!).

‘We are always keen to keep the emphasis on simplicity, low-costs and timesaving features, because we want to improve overall productivity to all those who use our software, no matter what the nature of their business maybe. It’s in all our best interests’ products include:

ComfortableConservatories: A sales tool for those who sell conservatories. Allows for a lifelike, photo-quality image of a chosen conservatory, to be put in place on a customer’s house photo within minutes. Then one or more professional looking reports can be printed for the customer. Over 20 reports are included as standard including Photo-overlay’s and line drawings.

Style v3: Is a quoting and pricing tool for those who sell windows, doors and any miscellaneous item. Again this provides professional reports to print for your customers, installers and surveyors.

Pocket Style v3
is also available, a handheld version of the software which can be used by salesmen and surveyors and has the ability to be linked to office based versions of Style, allowing data and jobs to be sent to and from the systems.